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Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth but you want something more permanent than a denture or a bridge, a dental implant offers you the secure and safe solution you’ve been looking for.


The loss of a tooth could be caused from many different reasons such as tooth decay, infection, gum disease, trauma, or removal of an impacted tooth.

What is an Implant?

Dental implants involve replacing the root of the tooth with a titanium post with a crown on top to replace your missing tooth. Specifically moulded to match the shape, shade and size of the tooth it’s replacing. 


It’s a straightforward process which can be completed under local anaesthetic. The implant will need three to six months to heal and integrate with your jaw bone to provide a solid support for your replacement tooth.









What advantages do dental implants offer?

Dental implants have been designed to make patients feel normal again and with advances in technology the success rates are extremely high. 


Dental implants: 

- make chewing easier

- help maintain your neighbouring teeth- no destructiveness to adjacent teeth like some bridges

- restore your smile

- make speech easier

- help to preserve the bone and gum tissues which shrink back after teeth are extracted

At Burnham Dental Practice, we’ve worked with many patients over a number of years to provide them with this very latest technique in dentistry.


It all starts with a consultation which includes a personalised detailed report where, in a patient-focused and clinical way, we’ll show you the benefits of dental implants, how they work, and give you an indication of pricing.

If required, a CT scan may be taken to help visualise and diagnose the jaws 3 dimensionally, to ensure there is enough bone to place the dental implants – This will also establish where your nerves and sinuses are.


If you’re ready to talk about getting dental implants, we’d love to hear from you. We believe that we’re the best team to work with because:

- this is a procedure that requires the very highest standards of dental expertise and we have a highly qualified and friendly team here at Burnham.

- we use the very highest quality materials in the dental implants we use on patients making sure they are sourced from reputable laboratories based in the U.K operating to rigorous and transparent clinical protocols.

- you’re in charge every step of the way to let us know what you want to achieve, we’ll tell you if it’s possible and if it is, that is the result you’ll get.

- we deeply care about all our patients and their experience with us before, during, and after all of our procedures. Please be assured that we are always on hand to answer questions and provide support to you.

Get in touch for a consultation on dental implants and whether they’re right for you. 

To book your consultation, please call us on 01621 782 644 or email us at

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Sasha Findlay

Trainee Dental Nurse/Receptionist

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